My dear fellow travellers, before this title initiates an argument let me clearly explain what I mean by disadvantage.

Being a travel lover I have always felt that there are no disadvantages of ‘travelling’, but now I feel there is a disadvantage. And yeah, as the title clearly suggests there is just one, which is actually a disadvantage in my perspective. So, the disadvantage I am talking about is ‘NOSTALGIA’. It simply reminds us of our happy past which in reality is painful, as, our ‘todays’ are getting ruined while thinking about ‘yesterdays’. 

Now, ironically speaking, It can be advantageous in some cases. Eg: Let us assume You are depressed today. In this case You can rejoice yourself with your happy nostalgic past. This is definitely helpful. But what if those nostalgic happy days makes you feel sorry for today? Unfortunately, the latter is the abundant case and is the reason I call it as a disadvantage.

All these side effects are nothing but results of memories. Especially at bad times, memories haunt like a ghost. When people say they had a happy past it simply means that those good memories are not allowing them to live their life in the present. As atoms are constituent particles of matter, memories are constituent particles of life. At my home whenever I sing a latest song, my dad always argues that the retro songs were better. Now, there is a probability that the latest song may be better but all that is visible to my dad is the memories. What I mean is, whenever one listens to an old song, it is not the music which makes them happy, rather it is the memories attached with the song that makes.

Similar is the case with travel. The memories of the other beautiful places haunts us.

As far as I have seen, out of all the aspects, memories are the most non-volatile aspect of travelling. It is really difficult to come out of the old memories and make new ones. The worst part is when the memories are being made, we’ll be completely unaware of it, and when it is a past we understand the essence of those incidents.

The most painful aspect is leaving a place. The bonding between the heart and the location becomes unbreakable. Suddenly every cell of the body seems to be connected with the ambience.

“ I MISS” – these two words depicts your nostalgic heart and its longing to live in the past. But past is past and living that again is practically impossible. Hence nostalgia is called as a seductive liar. Anyways, a matured heart will understand that this point of life is not permanent and life will start accelerating soon , thus signing off optimistically.


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