Much awaited day finally came when I accomplished my quest for identity and got a way towards the pursuit of happiness.Certainly,to describe something incorporeal,something which one can only feel never have been so easy,but I run the risk of trying to describe one of my best ‘mesmerizing’ travelling experience I did so far.In the month of June just after my semester exams got over,I went for a journey to almighty in respect to get their blessings.It was a trip of five days.I’d never been on a long trip.Jammu-the first place from where we started our journey.My family were along with me.Jammu-A blessed land and which is famous for its temples,particularly the Vaishno Devi Temple in Katra which is visited by over millions of people every year and making Jammu the most visited part of Jammu and Kashmir state.

The experience which I felt was phenomenal.The journey to reach Mata Vaishno Devi was not so easy.But as it is rightly said that without hardwork there is no gain.Hence,hard work and the quest to take blessings from Vaishno Devi and abruptly made us more energetic to reach on the top and take blessings from her.The journey was awesome and pleasing with so many people eagerly and enthusiastically moving forward and encouraging others in the process.Meanwhile,the walk towards going to Mata Vaishno Devi provided beautiful sights of the surroundings.It is one of the best place to visit and devotee got the blessings.

The first experience was a worthwhile.Then I proceeded for my second place to worship which was in Amritsar,Punjab and that is ofcourse the Sikhism’s holiest site-Golden Temple.

It was my first encounter with a religion apart from my own religion which is Hinduism.This sacred temple welcomes all to enjoy its beauty and spirituality.It was truly a breathless moment.Both the sunrise and sunset are glorious in the premises of the golden temple.I have a immense faith in all the religion.Being Hindu’s we worship Lord Ganesha,Krishna,and many more but being a human we respect all other religions too and whenever we get a chance to visit any of the abode of God,let it be called a church,a mosque,a gurudwara or a temple we always try to visit and have ‘darshan’ of God,the almighty in any form.I strongly felt that all religions stem from the same source whether one belongs to Hinduism,Sikhism,Muslims,Christianity,Buddhism.And the source what matter is only humanity which is inside you.We are one,one human,one family,have one god,one world,one universe.

My last worship ends up in Rajasthan,Ajmer.Rajasthan is one of the prominent state in India which is well recognized for its culture.Among all other places and cities in Rajasthan,Ajmer has its own significance and historical importance.It is located few miles away from the state capital Jaipur and it is also known as the second name of Ajmer.The Dargah Sharif is the final resting place of the great sufi saint-Hazrat Khwaja Syed Moinuddin Chisti.He is also known as Garib Nawaz.He still is in spirit through his blessings and love which one can sense when one is in Dargah,it is believed that no one returns empty handed from his divine abode.

The entrance to Ajmer Sharif is via the Nizam Gate.When I’d entered the main dargah with my family,every corner inside is done up in gold which furnishes the whole aura in grandeur and divinity.Before entering,one has to remove footwear,cover head.You will have to leave your cars a good distance away from the main shrine because as after that point entry of vehicles are restricted This is the time when walking on foot one will be able to see the different colors of Ajmer.The narrow lanes are lively,bustling with colorful bazaars selling a variety of stuff from chaddars and scarves to clothes and food.It is difficult to get near khwaja ji’s tomb but it was getting too difficult to stand in the place filled to the brim with everybody trying to do the same.It is surrounded by a silver railing with a cleric sitting besides it.We had given offering and then headed with a feather fan before directing towards the exit gate.As I proceeded towards the exit,I spotted the singers called qawwals,sitting in groups singing qawwallis(sufi hymns).The day we went to dargah was probably Sunday and the best part of this trip was,we were there in Ajmer and in dargah sharif on on the auspicious first day of Ramzan.When my family planned for this trip,that time no one was aware that the day we will be in dargah sharif will be the first day of Ramzan.Just before my exit,moon occurred on the sky everyone got silenced and got started praying to the almighty.It was such a blissful moment.

The magic of the music merging with the soul.It was one of the most overwhelming,emotional,surreal and life changing experience in my life.I discovered my soul culture and I myself felt mysticism,warmth,sensuality,beauty and natural surroundings.Also I ate the most exquisite meals in that land like rajastani cuisine-dal bhati churma.While returning to my home where I live,my mom insisted to take blessings from Balaji Mandir,Salasar and Ikshapurni Mandir,Sardar Seher which is on the same route.

Hence,at the end of my odyssey,I recognized many similar crux in every religion site,whether it is in urudwara,mosque,temple,church.For instance,before entering shrine removing footwears,covering head,going from every shrine there are multifaceted markets.And the most significant thing what I noticed is that in every shrine where I’d visited it all were embroidered with brimful of gold.So,what I ponder is that instead of becoming stereotypical towards religion why not be the one where you can follow your heart and can understand what you feel it’s right.Surely,spirituality can make you sets free to be what you truly are without bowing to anything that doesn’t resonate as right with you nor to anyone because we are all one and cherish one god only.It is all up to you to choose what you’ll honor enough to make it divine.

Travel has helped me to open up my mind and accepts things the way they are.When you see people diving in extreme conditions and still courageous to survive and tend to stop making excuses for your own life.I will cherish this golden memories for lifetime.Fun,Evasion but above all cultural and spiritual wealth was what I felt in this whole trip.

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