After liking the backpacker’s link on facebook me and my sister realised that we can think about going to Kasol . It was such a random decision for both of us . I no more regret now. After convincing our parents umpteen times we finally got permission .

So our journey begins with six people , my sister knew them but i met them for the first time and i was the youngest of them all . We assembled at Civil Lines Metro Station , New Delhi which was our meeting point . We all were so excited as we never visited Kasol that too with friends . I seriously needed some break from this sultry weather . Waiting for two hours we finally sat in the bus and it was such a relief . As the journey begins , new people were introduced and our group kept increasing . After chatting amiably for hours everyone fell asleep . But when I woke up in the morning view was totally different such a pleasant day it was .

Kasol is a village in Himachal Pradesh , northern India . It is situated in Parvati valley , on the banks of Parvati River , on the way between Bhuntar to Manikaran . Kasol has recently transformed into a hub for backpackers , it has low population and good climate throughout the year . Kasol in also known as MINI ISRAEL in Himachal Pradesh .

If you notice there is thin wire that connects the mountain containing daily products through some kind of trolley . It is such a herculean task to go up daily just to reduce the time the concept of trolley was introduced , which is great . One amazing thing is that you enter throught 11 KM tunnel which is made by cutting mountains to reach Kasol . I imagined what human hands can do and create such a thing .

As we moved up to Kasol I could feel the nippy air against my skin . After many halts we finally reached our destination . I was totally lost in the beauty of nature . Such a stellar view it was , river flowing through mountains , trees all around , sound of river. Infact , the whole atmosphere was different .

One has to cross this perilous bridge to reach to your camps . Everyone was screeching and scared but it was such a pleasure experience . At night it becomes even more scary as there were no lights one has to carry their torch . After crossing bridge we finally reached our camp site which was marvellous . We were group of six so we took the biggest camp near the pristine river Parvati .

Everyone was so amazed after seeing such a beautiful place . We took some rest and had lunch after that we were told to get ready and leave for Manikaran , which was 8 Km from our camps . On our way, we took snaps and videos of flowing river Parvati .

Manikaran is located in the Parvati Valley , on the river Parvati and 35 km from Kullu . There is some story behind this gurudwara . A man named Manu recreated life in Manikaran after the flood . Also , area is well known for it’s hot springs which is natural . People of gurudwara wash utensils , take bath and even cook rice in it. It is quite interesting that on one side of the temple there is cold water on the other very hot . After all , it is natural and hot water is considered extremely auspicious . After that we had ‘Langar ‘ which was so good and mouthwatering too . It is a must visit place .

It was a tiring day . After we reached our camps the ambiance was different as bonfire was lit and it was quite chilly at night . This was how our first day ended .

Next day I woke up early at 6 a.m. and stepped out camp . It was pouring all night and view was breathtaking . Mountains looked even more beautiful . I took out my book and sat river side . I never felt so good reading experience was totally different . I was lost in the story. There was complete silence except chirping of birds and flowing water .

Few hours later , we got ready for trekking . I never thought trekking would be so much fun . We left at 11 a.m from our camps and started walking towards Chalal and Rasol. Trek was easy in the beginning as everyone was full of energy and enthusiasm .

As we move forward , it started becoming gruelling hike . Narrow path with stones , mud , water and lot more . We were at altitude of around 8,000 feet above sea level and has not more than 100 houses . The hike took around 4 to 5 hours . After reaching above view was simply awesome . I never imagined that I would be able to reach here . We were told to get down early as weather was not good and it could be risky once it starts raining . So , we took rest on some rocks as legs were torturing .

We reached our camps at 7 p. m . Everyone was tired after tedious hiking . We saw some people dressed in traditional attire . Well , they were the folk dancers of Himachal . Karayila – which is the most interesting and popular folk dance . In the center the bonfire is lit , which is the source of light and heat . This bonfire is considered very sacred and all performances are held around this bonfire . The entire valley reverberated with the sound of music and joy . Everybody had a great time there. People were dancing and enjoying with folk dancers . Everybody forgot about the pain because of trekking and they were dancing in full enthusiasm , everybody was enjoying.

On last day of our trip we visited the local market and tried some Israeli food in the local cafes. Found some funky stuff like bracelets and neckpieces . Art gallery was major attraction . Everything else was common and available in Delhi .

So , that was the last part of our journey . We reached around 6 a.m at our meeting point . Finally leaving this place and my mind was etched with memories , made new friends . I felt a tinge of sadness that why this journey has come to an end . I enjoyed each and every moment of this trip even the bus journey, met some amazing people . It was an unforgettable experiance . One should definitely take a break a plan a vacation which will help you understand better and you will feel lively . It is better to travel often than having monotonous life . Waiting for next trip !!

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