Some Beautiful Days In Goa❤

Ah! Doesn’t hearing this place ‘GOA’ makes us sound so happy and full of fun and excitement? Well it’s one of the famous destinations which is visited by a number of people. Especially during the rains.

When I thought of writing about my travel blog. I couldn’t think of anything else but about this trip along with my family to Goa. For me Goa is like a second home. I visit Goa every year. But out of all my happy moments I remembered this one. Where I travelled with my entire fam jam. So to start off

We travelled by car we were almost 15 of us. Oh how exciting.. so we left around like 5 am. And at the start we were all sleepy but as time passed we were all so energetic and happy! We sang songs.. cracked jokes and also ate alot on the way! I was full. It was a very pleasant and beautiful climate. I couldn’t stop staring outside the window. We also took a number of pictures especially at Amboli Ghat where I saw the water cascading over the rocks . It was impeccably beautiful!

And as we drove and drove we finally entered GOA.. since it was a tiring journey we all rushed to the resort. Our resort was Citrus Goa! Where we were offered warm coffee with chocolate cake as soon as we for done we all had a warm water shower and hopped into bed. Cause the rest of our days was going to be fun! Next morning I was the one to wake up first. While everyone was just being lazy! I had a shower and finally was ready for my breakfast! It was pancakes with chocolate syrup oh wow perfect breakfast! After I got done. Everyone was almost up. So everything got done with their stuff. And we finally started planning out day out. So me and my cousin’s all of I decided to go to Baga Beach. It’s one of the famous beaches. So we all got ready and went off to Baga. It was so beautiful out there and as usual it was crowded but we got our best spot and all of us jumped into the water. One of my cousins wasn’t willing to come in the water cause of tanning! But we literally pulled her! Oh my couldn’t forget that. We also did a number of water rides.. Oh the banana ride was so much fun and how can I forget paragliding! I was scared at the start but once I reached at the top. It felt like heaven! We were all chilling and then finally went for lunch at Brittos. Oh my the prawns and the squids were amazing! Along with a glass of fresh lime juice and how could I forget the beautiful sunset. It was something you couldn’t miss! Soon it was time for us to leave and we all headed back to the resort after a day well spent!

So then the next morning arrived and today was going to be all about Calangute, Sinquerium and then to Galgibaga. So we all headed to Calangute first chilled at the shack.. and then headed to Sinquerium where we visited Fort Aguada it was quiet an old fort. I took a lot of pictures. As soon as we reached down we decided to go for fishing we almost caught around 8 fishes it was so cool cause I never ever did that in Bombay! Then we headed to old goa. Cause coming to goa and not visting the Old Goa Church not happenning! As we entered it was so calm and beautiful St. Francais Xavier’s body was at the top. And this is the most visited place by a number of tourist. We all prayed over there and then we took off for Galgibaga. And we finally arrived though it was a two hours journey it was worth the wait. It was the most beautiful beach I ever seen. So quiet so pleasant and the breeze! We all sat down on the beach watching the waves so relaxing and decide to have our home cooked food on the beach. There was delicious Biryani. Oh what a night. Soon our second day was over. We all came back to the resort had our dinner and watched a movie! It was a horror movie all of my cousins couldn’t sleep that night! But we managed!

Next morning arrived and it was finally our last day in goa. So we decided to go shopping. And we all headed to Mapusa Market. There was so much to shop. We bought spices clothes and ah the sweets. And who can forget the alcohol! Hahaha! As soon as all that was done we decided to head home and start packing since it was our last day we decided to stay home and have a nice barbeque night. So we got everything ready all the uncles sat with a nice glass of beer and the party started there was music, dancing, we even did a fashion show conducted but the resort and had gifts given away to the winners! Me and my cousins got one too. We didn’t even sleep all night we played dumb charades! And cards and spent out night to the fullest. Soon it was time for us to leave. But before leaving we all headed to Anjuna to visit this famous miracleous cross. Its this cross which is build on a hill and has steps leading to it. It was a wonderful morning walk.. as soon as we reached on top. We all prayed And took wonderful pictures of the beautiful scenery from the hill top. As soon as we got done we got all our things ready and sat in the car. And enroute Mumbai! I was sad cause I didn’t want this to end. But as they say. “All good things must come to an end” and so did this!

Oh my way back home I was thinking about how good this short break was just away from all the noise and pollution and just being all peaceful and happy. And enjoying nature. My one advice is if anyone of you haven’t been to Goa! Please go take a trip and see for yourself how wonderful God has created the world. I hope you’ll like my blog. And please do give your comments. Hasta la vista for now !

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