Nothing is more appealing than to escape the burning heat of Delhi and get relaxed in somewhere cool. It was the month of June when the sun shines at the top and sucks all the desire to live. It was then decided to take break from the heat and me with my other 5 friends planned the best we could and commenced our journey to the rich land of resources-“Panchmarhi”.

We collected all the necessary information about the travel like-which means to travel?, where to reside?,where to go and explore and the most important where to eat?.

We begin our journey via train-Delhi to Pipariya. The journey by train was long very long. It took us 18 hours to reach pipariya. Meanwhile in the train all we could do was chat. The long hours past by easy and soon as we shared some sneaky stuff, recalled our mischiefs, played our favourite never ending cards, talking louder than the snores of the uncle beside us. It was one memorable train travel. Immidiately after reaching the railway station,we sat into our cab that my friends arranged by contacting the Sethi Cab Firm. They have there cab accessbility across the country. The Driver was very friendly and helpful. The charges for the cab can be settled fairly as in our case was 700/day. From pipariya, we completed the rest of the journey via road. We reached panchmahri before the dinner time.

Our stay was planned in the “The Valley Hotel”. It was 4 star resort and quite fair charges and good services, the only sinking cause was Food. May be other enjoy that food, but we could barely eat it. The very first night was the very last night we ate at our resort. The room we booked was spacious enough for 6 of us. It had a double bed and flat Screen LCD television and the black sofa set. We were lucky enough to be in that room. As the name suggests, there was eye pleasing, breath taking view of the entire valley when we draped the curtains aside.

The very next moring we got freshen up and as suggested by our local driver we ate our breakfast at renowned Maggi Point “Raju Maggi Joint” after that we sat in our very own sethi cab accelerated towards the panchmahri caves. The caves were cut out by the raging water over 2000 years or so. Well it was something different, That cut out and unnoticeable cracks and the engraving have to be the work of mother nature. The caves were mark of ancient times. We clicked number of pictures and spent a good deal of time knowing the stories associated with them. Near by was a small dhabha, where we drank a cup of coffee and bought some chips and cold drinks. After the caves, we headed towards the garden. Well that garden was spread in over 100 of acres of areas. It has more than 796 varieties of flowers and all the necessary information regarding the most unknown flower. The air surrounding the garden was fully enriched with the fragrance of the flowers. You don’t need perfume or an expensive scent if you visit that garden. The weather till then was pleasant. Winds were blowing, the sun and the clouds were playing hide and seek, temperature was about 17°C. The atmosphere there was perfect for spending an eveing with your girl friends. We sat there untill the evening and rested on the fur soft grass of the ground talking, expkoring and definitely clicking pictures.

After all that roaming, we were tired and went straight to our hotel. After an hour of rest we went to a restuarant serving north Indian cuisine -“The Pujabi Tadka”, which was 10 minutes  walk away. The food was admirably good.

When we were back at our hotel, we sat in the lawn, which had fountain in the midlle and water as cold as it was running straoght from gangotri. There Log Hut sheds all covered with christmas lights blinking were more than romantic than a nicholas sparks book. There were 2-3 benches flowers surrounding the boundaries of the lawn like knights.

The lawn was perfect ending of the day.

The next day we had hard luck. It was raining in the morning, in the afternoon and at night. Rain stopped only for  2-4 hours in the evening. The day was completely wasted over nothing.

When the rain stopped we decided to go through the local market of panchmahri. Residing in delhi the market did not impress us much, we can final all that stuff anywhere in delhi at much cheaper rates. The market was full was casual clothes, wooden showpeices, 2-3 stores of toys and a bakery. Shopping in Panchmahri is not a good idea. We came back empty hands. After having our dinner we came back to our rooms and watched the television for the first time in the hotel and slept some time later.

The next day, nature was quite supportive and it was bright sunny day. That was our last day in panchmahri and our reservation back to delhi were confirmed at 7.p.m. we had to reach pipariya by 6.30p.m. We packed our luggage and our driver settled them in the boot of the car and we said good bye to hotel and began our journey to way back. Enroute, was the most popular suicide point or lovers point whatever so call it, we stopped there. There suicide is said to be the highest point of the panchmahri, well it really was. We saw boys and girls names engraved on the rocks, benches. The sand was of orange and yellow colour. The fences guiding the point were shaking. They were definitely old. The view from there was mind blowing, we could even see the garden we visited yesterday. It was soo quite. We could hear the birds chirping, the trees rubbing against each other, etc. Our driver told us about some famous stories related with the lovers point while we sipped tea from the tea stall.

Afterwards we started our road travel and stopped only around 2.30pm for lunch, at the Narvana bhojnalya seving purely  vegetarian food, 2 hours ways from panchmahri.

We reached the railway station  by 6, took our bags out and thanked our driver for being an amazing guide driver ofcourse.

Till we were sitting on railway platform idle, we recalled the three previous days  and  were happy to increase the pages in our travel book.

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