Visit to beautiful national capital- The Delhi

March holidays started and we friends just got ready and picked our hand bags to roam in our city, the Delhi. Firstly we decided to go peaceful place Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, situated near Ashoka road in Cannaught place. My family say that every wish is fulfilled there. We reached there by metro. We gave our footwear to shoe minding room which is free service, cover our heads and wash our hands and feet. This beautiful Gurudwara is made of white marble. Then going upstairs, we entered into an elegant golden dome. We bowed down to Guru Granth Sahib resting in a palki and refreshed us with Sabad Gurbani. This golden dome also includes a small room containing a bed in which at night, Guru Granth Sahib is placed inside it and every morning picked out. The Gurudwara also includes a Sarovar. It has been said that when there was small pox ailment, Guru Harkrishan who is the eighth guru of Sikh religion took out the water from building’s well to treat this epidemic disease. Thus Bangla Sahib’s water contain healing powers specially for skin ailments. There was a Nishan Sahib containing tall orange coloured flag considered to be the symbol of Khalsa Panth. Then we gorged ourselves with some karah parashad which was yum in taste. There was a Langar hall downside in which food is provided to every person irrespective of religion, caste, gender. Many volunteers were preparing, serving the food. It’s great to see that any normal person can also do volunteering there. Then we saw their art gallery, library and there were also small houses for many travellers, volunteers who can stay there. There were petty shops outside the Gurudwara. From there we bought kadas.

After that we took an auto from there and visit Mughal Gardens-home of nature. It was located in Rashtrapati Bhavan. There was much crowd and we were excited to see the nature’s creation. As this time their theme was mainly based on lilies but there were varieties of flowers. When we entered after a long checking, we saw beautiful fountains and truly this refreshed us because we got tired on that day due to sunny weather. It was huge place. Lot of flowers were there like roses, lilies. I don’t know much about plants but I was enjoying the nature’s elegant gift on that day. It was glad to see that there was protection around these flowers so that anyone cannot pluck them. We took lot of snaps there.

It was about afternoon timing around 3p.m. and we didn’t have mood to go home. One of my friends suggested visiting Sanjay Van also. We refused to go there because it is considered to be one of the haunted places but we decided to go there at last. It is city forest in Mehrauli so we went there by metro. It was a long way, we all got tired during that journey in that silly forest and nothing was found there like haunted. It’s all superstitions I guess spreaded by foolish people. We also took some silly pictures and nature’s photographs also.

There were still some holidays left. Next day we decided to go an amusement park Adventure island in Rohini. We all had gone by metro. It’s a simple route to Rohini. We purchased tickets. It was a huge place to hang out. Though that day was not much good for us because many rides were closed yet we enjoyed there. After taking all rides, we felt very hungry so we went Dominos which was outside the park itself. Then we went back home. It was not a much tired day.

Those two days were like major missing because those days gave us the freshness of nature, fun with friends, and peacefulness after the busy study schedule.

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