To the Pacific Ocean!

Aloha!It is a Hawaiian word, it mean hello, affection etc.Warm weather closer to Chennai and it is hot burning sun. Love it! But hate the warm climate sometimes! Volcanoes, beach and more, there are so many interesting things in Hawaii. Kona is the place where the recent volcano eruption happened in Big Island Hawaii. The dry side of Big Island is so dry like a desert and the small village in the dry desert is so cool. Then the view of five volcanoes from the place where we stay and we were saying with my host mom’s sister’s home in Big Island! We had a great time! My host sister savanna came down to Hawaii with her boyfriend. So, we all stayed in Sally’s sister’s home at Big Island! So, her name was Gail Lewis and Hilton Lewis. Hilton was working in the W.M.Kech Laboratory and Gail is a career counsellor! They had two dogs I am getting used to like dogs. I got a separate room and mom and dad were in different room. When we were going to Hilo to pick up savanna sister and her boyfriend Resse we saw a wonderful stream flowing like a canal. The water is so clear and it is rushing out from the canal. Aunt Gail and I went down near the stream to take some snaps.We had a lot of beach time and different beaches everyday And the really good thing about American beaches is that they all had build toilets and a fine road to connect with the beach! And I believe the nearby hotel adopts the public beaches and do cleaning services in toilets and streets there! The beaches were clean and good almost clear water. I did some swimming, but not good swimming. But I was doing a lot of buggy boarding. But after savanna came it was really awesome, she was a great sister and an awesome swimmer. She took me little far from the shore into that wide ocean it was scary but it was amazing, I felt wonderful. The way it works is when big waves approaches I should start kicking then it (wave) carries me to the shore that was a typical buggy boarding working procedure. It was a different experience and enjoyed it a lot.After few days of that we went to watch the volcanic eruptions. I was so excited it was an expensive trip. We stated the trip so early in the morning and it was raining (always raining in that side of island). But the time we reached the docks the rain stopped a bit, then all the passengers (about 25 to 30 other peoples) were waiting for boat. So, the captain came with the boat, we all got in and it was dark, up in sky and also the water. It’s because the captain uses the stars as the navigator to reach the spot it was so much interesting because I only noticed it later than his boat doesn’t have any radar. Due to that there should no light in the boat that means no use of cell phones or camera’s with flash. Atlast, we reached the place and it was mind-blowing. They took the boat so close to the lava and I could feel the heat form sitting in the boat. I saw that lava pouring into the ocean and the sudden smashing of water the lava turns into kind of an ash stone. They also took some water using a metal bucket and it was burning hot. Last but not the least, we took photos and we are started our journey back to the docks. Those waves were really cool, since it was past 7.00 the sun was risen it was wonderful. That’s my first experience of sailing, I loved it. Thank you very much to my host parents.Then, we came back home, I did some running since we had the rest of the day left and we went to exhibition at the W.M Kech Observatory headquarters. It was once in a year exhibition or more like open house, they had interesting facts and pictures took through the telescope. After that, the next day we travelled to a place called Luau in Kailua Kona in the other side of island, that place was called ‘Island Breeze Luau-He ’Ohana Kakou’ it was expensive as equal to the boat ride where we waited for so long since we reached early and have to wait till they open the check in time. I had no idea about that place; I only thought it’s just a restaurant with the view of Kailua Bay. But, it was a great dinner with only food from Hawaii more specifically only from that island. It was great place we also got temporary tattoos and some tasty drinks (non-alcohol since underage but I believe the martini’s were awesome) And yes, it did include Hawaii dance and people dancing together to different songs and the open view of the sky is amazing. We had a very good time there. The next day we drove to the side of the island where the volcanic eruptions happened few years back from The Kilauea volcano. They turned that entire place where the eruptions happened into a park it’s called Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. We also took Uncle Hilton and Aunt Gail. It was a wonderful place and fabulous place for trekking. I enjoyed it to the core and there was another volcano named Mauna Loa which was active. The officials have positioned a camera so that the visitors could get just a glimpse of the lava, it was wonderful. So, after finishing the volcano tour we were searching for a place to have supper (dinner), but most of the restaurants were full. Everyone is hungry and I started to hear noise inside my stomach and mom wanted to go for an Indian restaurant, but we couldn’t find one. Atlast, we found a military hotel, interesting place, they had a very satisfying supper. I liked it, because they had potatoes. (I am a potatoes lover)After that day I went with Aunt Gail and Uncle Hilton to a trail walk where they used to take their dogs for a walk. It was a pleasant trail, after that on that week Sunday we went to the market. I always enjoyed the Bloomington’s Saturday market, but this market was as fun as Bloomington. On another day before going to beach mommy brought some shave ice (a kind of ice where they pour juice kind of thing on top of the ice) it was great. So, it was this day on the Beach-69 after those swimming time and buggy boarding, I was bored and I climbed on a volcanic rock in barefoot with a swimsuit on I knew it was dangerous to climb on barefoot. Though, I managed to get on it safely. It is going to be sunset time and the waves were striking the rocks so strongly and I am standing on top it. It smashed me the first time it was not bad. But the second was the big one; it smashed me to the rock and dragged me. Just imagine volcanic rocks, Oh man! Nothing really bad happened to me on that day, thanks to God. But it scared me a lot and I left the rocks as soon as the next wave hits but left with some blood.We went to Waipio Valley before sending off sister and Reese to mainland (USA) they came with me while dad and mom took rest. So, this place is amazing trail into those woods and the beauty of the ocean was incredible. We walked down to the shore from a mountain top then we climbed another mountain top to capture the view. It was the spectacular view of the open sea. But one slip from there would have been about 2000 feet travel down before hitting the water. After that we climbed back on to the other side and dropped sister in the airport and we came back home. Before sister arrives, we went for kayaking in an irrigation ditch. It was a wonderfully made. Part of it is natural and rest of it is man-made, it was great. My first experience, I loved it.Then the day before we left Hawaii, Hilton’s co-worker came for supper (dinner) and surprising it was an Indian family. They were from Trichy and his name was Sam who worked in Europe before started working with Hilton in Kech Observatory. So, he came with his wife and daughter! There are really wonderful people. I enjoyed speaking with them after a long time I spoke Tamil with a person face to face. Then we left Hawaii on that week. This was all happened during my spring break, plus, I extended it for a week so, that it will be worth trip and it was not finished next we landed in Los Angeles, California. To meet my second beautiful host sister Sylva.
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