Amidst all the chaos and busy schedule one thing which everyone should do is to take a break from this hustle and bustle of their city lives. We all have become so much indulged in our lives that we have forget to enjoy life. We have forget to “seize our day” planning that we can go on a trip later may be in our 30s but who knows what will be the circumstances at that time. Will we be even alive and what if we are busy at that time too. One thing that I have learned in my 20s is that live life as if there is no tomorrow, explore as many places as you can because you may never know what the future holds for you.

My father is not a travel person. He will go once he is forced to but me and my brothers have a strong desire to travel. Just tell us where to go and we will be there. Well, this is how we are. The most important thing I have gained from my travel experience is that it doesn’t matter which place you go to as long as you are travelling with your loved ones. I have seen my friends travelling with their friends and boyfriends but I like to travel with my family. So this time i planned to go on a trip not with my friends but with my family. And this family included not the people you meet every day but those people you often meet in weddings and other family functions. These were my sisters, brothers-in-law, their parents and their children and of course me, my two younger brothers and one cousin sister.

 Two of my life’s important trips are with these people. One was to Kasauli in august,2015 and the other one to Ranthambore in januray,2016. I live in Faridabad and my sister and her husband in Chandigarh so we first took a train from Delhi to Chandigarh. The experience of the train was not so bad as I expected it to be and time flew away so fast . We reached their house and stayed there for one day . And now was the time when wanderlust struck us all and we all decided to go to Kasauli which is not so far from Chandigarh. So next day we all packed our bags and planned to go to Kasauli with our own cars. There were totally 10 adults and three small children thus we had to take two cars. We had this family resort on the top hill of Kasauli so we decided to stay there.

As every other hill station Kasauli’s beauty is at its best. You feel this serene and calm environment that you seriously forget about any other thing. The only thing that struck you is to hold onto these moments and to feel the calmness and silence of these hills. The wind blowing gently touching your cheeks and hair during the travelling is what you will remember the most. There is truly something magnificent and incredible about these hill stations and best part about them is that you can see the whole city from the above .From the resort in which we were staying we could see the whole Chandigarh from the above. And I know how people often say that seeing the sun rising from the mountains is something that directly touches your heart but the thing which touched my heart was seeing all the lights of the city lightning together among all the darkness of Kasauli . And it was truly magical I wish you all could see it. But anyway, to continue with the story the next thing we did during our stay in kasauli was nothing. We literally did not go to any other place, we just sat, played charades and cards ,and everyone’s favorite table tennis. Even though most of us did not know how to play but we surely tried our best. At last we wandered in the nearby trees and made as many memories as we could. And then there was time to come back to our busy life. It was time to come back out of our imaginary world to the harsh reality and to the same routine. Now the trip officially ended.

 And this is how I am going to sum up my little trip to kasauli : was it everything I hoped for? Yes, it was everything. Will I be happy to go again? Yes, because nothing makes me happier than to make wonderful memories and cherish and treasure them forever.I wish I could tell you about my other trip to Ranthambore but maybe next time. The only advice I would give to everyone is CARPEDIEM and enjoy your life to the fullest. Try to make time out of your busy schedule and go out with your loved ones as long as you have breath and time to go.
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