Every Mile a Memory

Summer break had nearly came to an end and I had spent the entire summer liking pictures of my friends trips on social media and hoping to go on a trip.My Aunt called up to tell me they are planning a trip to Manali. She asked to join them. Convincing my dad is the most difficult task ever, but me and my brother somehow managed to convince him.

All of us packed our luggage, sat in the car and set out on a family trip to Manali. We had to cover a very long distance of 545 km from Delhi. It had been a long time since I had gone on a road trip. I was filled with excitement. The best thing about going on a family road trip is that is full of fun and also opens a great opportunity to spend quality time with our family members.

We headed enjoying the company of nature. Beauty is hard to define but easy to recognize. There was beauty in variety of flowers, birds animals and plants- many of which were vividly colorful. There was beauty in mountains, valleys,hills and in the skies. In the lap of nature, while enjoying its magnificence, a long and tiring journey too felt pleasant and we finally reached our destination. We had reached around 6 pm the next day. The weather was cool and pleasing.

I believe life in Manali is a bit costly as it is a tourist place. Hotels are impossible for a common man. My dad and uncle are in the armed forces therefore we were lucky enough to get a guest house owned by Ministry of Defense on moderate charges. All of us were tired so we settled ourselves comfortably.

I woke up at 5 am the next morning and went to the balcony. I saw one of the most glorious scenes of the nature– the sunrise. The world is at its best in the morning. As the sun goes up the whole world seems to become golden glittery. All flowers, trees look beautiful in the light of the dawn. Little birds sat on trees and pleased the ears with their sweet notes. I silently observed the best scenes of nature.

Around 8 am we had breakfast and booked a cab to visit Rohtang pass. Rohtang is approximately 51 km from Manali. As we moved we saw the roads were extremely narrow and slippery and we realized why it has a well-deserved reputation for being dangerous. On the way was waterfall named Rahala and looked amazingly wonderful. It was freezing cold in Rohtang. Even though it was summer season there were long and wide patches of snow which was a real treat to the eyes. This was the first time I was seeing snow. It was soft and beautiful lying on the ground like a white feather. The moment I put my feet on it I slipped and fell. It was really slippery, so it was quite hard to stand up. Snow is one the prettiest things I had experienced. It’s beauty was something which could not be explained through words. I thoroughly enjoyed myself playing snowball fight with my cousins. We made tiny little snowman.The weather at Rohtang is highly unpredictable. On our way back the sky was cloudy and there was moderate rainfall.

Tour to any place would be incomplete without shopping at the local markets. So after having dinner we went to mall road. The market was very crowded and noisy. There were several shops, all decorated beautifully. Big shops looked more attractive. The market is at its peak in the evening and there was great hustle and bustle. As Manali is cool region so shops were full of woolen clothing.

After a long and tiring day all of us went back to the guest house and sneaked into our warm blankets.

Next morning we visited the Hidimba Devi temple which is an ancient cave temple and Rishi Vashisht temple. This temple is popular for hot springs which is believed to have medicinal value.

Manali is a hotspot for adventure enthusiasts where you can go for various thrilling activities like paragliding, rafting, mountain biking, skiing and many more.

We decided to go for rafting. After receiving directions and safety precautions from our rafting instructor we geared up , boarded our raft and set out for our voyage down the treacherous river Beas. We started to slowly drift down the river. The water was crystal clear and almost as flat as sheet of glass. We moved slowly and I was a bit disappointed as I was expecting a more thrilling and exuberant ride. Eventually the current became a little stronger. I was excited and exhilarated. The terrain around became more rocky and rough. The water splashed making all of us completely wet. It was icy cold. Rafting experience was amazing and great.

A visit to the hilly area filled me with inspiration and peace. The days which I spent there offered me a stress free and relaxed life.Finally we returned home filled with the wonder and ecstasy of nature.

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