Indian Paradise — Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is the land of god and goddesses; it’s not only rich in culture but also rich in terms of greeneries and vivacious breath taking views. It was a short trip planned by me and my cousin, as soon as we done with our college exams. Himachal has always been our favourite place in India for having a family time or fun time with friends. It was a 5 days short road trip, from Delhi to Mcleodganj via Dharamshala to Palampur. We had a diesel car, which was the plus point for us in terms of expenses and as because of that the trip didn’t cost us much.

Mcleodganj the heart of dharamshala is famous for its Bhagsunag fall. There is a narrow stair case to the temple out there and the similar staircase leads to the waterfall.

It was just an incredible view. The quality of air over there was so serene and refreshing. And the weather of course completely unpredictable, but believe me that is the best part about it. Sudden rains are very common thing, when the chilled air hits your body it just feels amazing. It makes you feel like you are in paradise. After spending the whole day in mcleodganj by exploring few more places over there, we left for dharamshala. Returning back to dharamshala from mcleodgunj was a memorable journey, as we happen to forget the direction but because of that we landed to this beautiful place Kakeri Lake. It was a treasure, one could not imagine what nature holds on every second road and you never know what next exiting thing is waiting for you. We took a lot of pictures stayed there for one night and left on the very next day for Dharamshala. Even the people out there are very helpful, as we asked a tea staler about the right direction and he didn’t had much idea but he actually called 3 more people to help us by guiding towards the right direction.

The first destination in dharamshala was Dalai Lama Temple. The temple has been built in a very appealing manner and one could actually feel the purity. After that we explored the market and rested for one day. Spent quality time with each other and relaxed as the road trips at times become to tiring because of the zigzag roads. And finally on the next day we were all set to leave for pamplur. It just took us an hour to reach there but it actually felt like few minutes because of such smooth roads that one can’t even find in Delhi. One can easily make out that they have entered the palampur area when one starts getting the aroma of tea and can see tons and tons of tea garden around the road side. We reached the hotel (baroga heights) on time and relaxed for an hour and so and then left to explore much places around by walking. No worries, no pollution and just calmness, what more to ask for. Palampur is like mini Switzerland. The view is pleasing to eyes as well as soothing to heart; I’m sharing the picture below the content which will actually help you guys to trust my words. A must visit place. It’s new every time. Each time is a different experience.

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