The Untold Mysteries of Goa

I spent this birthday away with my family in Goa, unlike the usual drinking sessions with my friends.

We left the day before my birthday by flight and landed in Goa at noon. We checked in at ‘L Hotel Eden’ located in Panaji which is amongst the residential areas of Goa. This gave us a glimpse at the settled life in Goa and hence, taking walks to the beach was more pleasurable. It being our fourth trip here, we vowed to enjoy the trivial parts of it that usually goes unnoticed because of the frequently sought out “beach, babes and booze”.

We vacated the hotel the next day and visited the small restaurants that cooked delicious fresh fish on our way to Agonda beach and checked in at ‘Diva Bungalows’. The serenity of the beach left me spellbound!

 The good food the beach side restaurants offered along with the captivating view of the vastly spread out beach made my day! I spent the entire two days by the beach, reading a book, getting a massage and playing with the stray dogs that were utterly friendly. It really taught me to live in the moment and that booze and parties were no way to appreciate life.

And hence, a commence to a wonderful yet different 21st.

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