Truly God’s own country!

There was a chill in the air that evening. I had been waiting for this for over a month. A trip to God’s own country excited me and having my ten best friends beside me had the adrenaline pumping in my veins. The train journey felt like a lifetime because of how impatient we were to get to Wayanad, our destination. We reached Kozhikode at 4:30am the next day and we almost ran to the bus so that we can reach Wayanad just in time to catch the sunrise. And it was worth the hassle. The first rays of sunlight penetrating us boosted our energy levels, enough to get us through the packed day we had planned. We made a stop at a local tea shop and the owner’s malayali accent and hospitality was the cherry on top of the Special Sundae type morning we had experienced.

We were going to stay at Mint Flower Residency during our time in Wayanad. It was placed in a way that all the famous tourist spots were easily accessible. Though we didn’t stay at the hotel during the day, the nights there are definitely worth mentioning. Poker games with chocolates as substitute for money and charades with the hotel staff made us feel at home. Who knew you could feel at home in a foreign state? On our first day in Wayanad, we went to Sochipara Falls. It was a three tiered waterfalls and the water was piercing cold but just for minute and after that it loosened up every muscle and feeling the, what felt like polished rocks under our feet was divine. Countless pictures, splashing away the water at each other, convincing the ones who were too afraid to step into the water and moment of silence when we immersed ourselves underwater and let the elements of this beautiful place heal the scars of our busy city life made the trek to get to the falls seem like less tiring.

The next day we decide to trek the Chembra peak. I must say, it was a daunting experience. The only way up was the trail the previous trekkers had left. And it took over 2 hours to get to heart shaped pond which was the tourist attraction of that peak. But in my opinion, the journey to that lake was the attraction. Holding my best friend’s hand, a silent prayer on my lips and a careful step was all it took. Kudos to Reebok for saving my feet while trying to conquer this 2050m peak. Sitting at the top of the hill, drinking Kool Aid with my friends was definitely one of the top ten on my Bucket list. The list got shorter as the trip progressed. By the time the trek was over, our clothes felt looser and we all assumed that we had dropped a couple of pounds. So we had a grand meal to fix it. A Kerala meal with hot fish curry was to die for. We stopped by an exhibition and bought a few souvenirs too. Packing our bags to leave was the hard part. Wayanad is the kind of place that grows on you and you start making future plans to buy a house there as you watch it through the window in your bus, hoping your wish comes true.

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