The Day When Dosa Killed Rats.

I was doing normal until those cravings in me to eat Dosa doubled that evening. My taste buds felt deserted and waited to be savoured by scrumptious food. I couldn’t go out to eat Dosa that evening because i knew the best Dosa i would get won’t be available at that time. So, what i did was, i set my alarm to 2:30 AM and no i didn’t have those multiple alarms set to wake me up as I’m not a morning person. That night i struggled hard to sleep and i ended up getting dreams in which world was made of Dosa. The alarm rang when i was about to savour a bite of Dosa( in my dreams ofcourse). No snooze required, i was instant to awaken my eyelids. I took a shower and woke my brother with two strong kicks. We both drove to Nampally station which is in Hyderabad, only a few kilometers away from my house. There is karachi bakery near Nampally station, and opposite to that is lane where my heart skips a beat and it is called Ram ki Bandi. We finally reached Ram Ki Bandi. The air was cold and stiff, my heart thumping in my ears as if it was to burst out, my lips almost dried as the cold air surrounded in my mouth. Ram ki Bandi, a famous road side food serving its lip-smacking butter idly, butter dosa and many other delicious items, only between 3 AM to 8 AM. It is one of the first late night eateries in the city and is rated 4.5 out of five on Zomato’s ranking. People come here, from rags to riches, stand in queue to order, no matter how erratic the time is and that’s what makes it more special show casing the demand of the heavenly savouring juicy appetizing butter dosa and many other varieties. That day i desperately waited while my mouth watered seeing him put the semi liquid upma onto the dosa with other magic ingredients and finally handed it over to me. Hot dosa coupled with darkness, a few streetlights flickering here and there and the chill weather made the dosa yummy even before i ate it. I managed to take a bite and my desperate taste buds savoured the juicy butter slowly revealing it’s taste with every bite of the dosa. Me and my brother happily had the butter dosa and i killed the rats running in my stomach with a plate of butter dosa followed by butter idly. As we were leaving the place we saw a mother with almost torn cloths with a baby crying in her arms. I felt broken seeing their plight. I asked my brother to take a turn and we went to Ram ki Bandi again and got two butter dosa’s packed and then went and gave it to that women. Nothing could satisfy me more than the happiness i saw in her eyes that day! 
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