Travelling is undoubtedly one of the best mediums to get through stress. People by far opt in for this option midst their leisure time. We were frolickingly passing a bit of our time in Pune at my aunts’. So then, we decided to hop on to a jaunt where Sinhgadh was our cream of the crop. The very next day we hopped in the car at forenoon along with our prerequisites. The road map and the residents kept us going. The fellowship of the near and dear ones made the journey a white-knuckle ride. En route we saw beaucoup Maharashtrian hamlets. Sinhgadh measured a distance of 32 kilometres at an approximate figure from Pune. Après some hours we pulled up in front of the entrance gate. Sinhgadh, also called as Lion’s Fort is nestled along the Sahyadri Mountain ranges and perched 700 metres above the sea level. It was quite gruelling for the driver to get us there as the route to the top was spiral. The view of the scenery kept on minimising as we were reaching the top. Everything from above looked very picturesque. Sinhgadh, a strong fort was well constructed in the turn of the century by the Marathwadas for attacking the foes from above. It also includes the burial of the great Tanaji Malusare that beguiles visitors from all over the country. The plateau region of the Ghats also consisted of a placid lake known as Khadakwasla. It was pretty serene!
The tourist guide aided us well and subsequently we were able to trace a good place where we could sit and eat some food. We chattered for some time and then geared up for some more sight-seeing. There were several tall and thick green trees and shrubs on the plateau region which made the place much comely. Sinhgadh is a place of great historic heritage that also serves tranquillity. Therefore, it is a perfect coalesce for excursion and chronicle knowledge. Being the advent of June, the weather was hot and dry above from the scratch but during the eventide we faced a drastic change in it. From the extreme point of the region we could see the clouds turning grey very closely. It turned dark and started to pelt very soon. People then started breaking away. Fierce thunderstorms and chill bumps were experienced. For a few minutes we snuggled in one of the tea booths which also served pleasant-tasting hot pakoras.
It was raining cats and dogs so we had to quickly move to the parking area. We were all drenched in rain. The place had become lush green and was perfumed with the aesthetic petrichor. It was one of the best adventurous trips that I had ever experienced and the best way to rejuvenate before school. The trip made us very contented. It is still cherished when we all bunch up together!
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