Venturesome Solace in Palampur

Being a person who has been brought up in the plains, mountains have always amazed me putting forth their beauty in a strange and bewitching way. So, when we planned a trip to Palampur, my instant reply was ‘YES’, after all, it was a hill station and the best part, it was decided that we’d travel by bus (there is something amazingly different about road trips).
A little introduction before we enter the trip:
‘We’ stands for 16 people from an office in Noida who planned a trip to get away from work for 3 days.
The trip was planned for 29th of Jan 2016. We left Noida at 11 pm with all the enthusiasm we could’ve collected. Everyone was a rockstar and songs motivated us even more, you know, Punjabi songs have vivacity at their core. Anyway, so we started our journey and our first stop was ‘Murthal Dhaba’ in Haryana. We were really too lethargic to go inside the dhaba, so we got food packed and started our journey again (Yummy paratha and other add-ons like butter even further added to our Punjabi mood). It was almost 2 am when we had our dinner and within an hour everyone (of course, we had a few night owls with us so everyone is not an apt word but almost everyone) was asleep. It was around 6 when we woke up, it was drizzling and it was marvelous, we were surrounded by trees, nature and a wonderful breeze. Time flew by, it was around 10 am when we stopped at a small tea stall to stretch our legs and have our 1st tea. After the tea break, we resumed our journey. It was around 1 pm when we reached Palampur situated in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. A person from the hotel came to receive us and our bus began to follow his car. After a while, we were amid the mountains wondering why the bus has stopped !!
Well, we were told that we had to walk further to reach the hotel. We sadly came down and after looking at the view, we were all delighted. It was really amazing as if it had everything that one can possibly dream of about peace, beauty and nature. River, mountains, valley, trees… just fabulous. We had to walk 1 km (or so) to reach the resort and the path was just beautiful. But the resort was even more beautiful.
Tired we ran to choose our rooms and the room that I stayed in had this enchanting view from the window. It really felt that I was witnessing a beautiful creation of mother nature. Mesmerised, we had our lunch and then went to the Beas river flowing nearby. Although we were mesmerised enough, but the cold water compelled us to sit on the rocks and just dip our legs in the water.
We had to go for trekking so we returned to the hotel and got ready to leave. It was already 4 pm. We went to a temple which is known for being “Kuldevi’s temple”, and then took a road (a narrow path in fact) nearby for trekking (or just walking into the mountains without any motive). It was getting dark hence, we decided to stop walking and come back. It was around 8 pm when we reached the hotel, it was dark enough to use flashlights of our phones while walking back and it was cold enough to arrange a campfire and so we got a campfire. Antakshari, dance, talks and stories made the time fly and even the staff there enjoyed with us and told us several horror story (it really felt as if we were part of a horror movie).
Well, the best thing about the night was the clear sky with millions of stars and the beautiful moon. The dark sky filled with stars has its own attraction. Something that we miss in the metropolitan cities. It was around 2 that everyone went to sleep. We had to wake up at 8 am next day for going to Bir for paragliding. You know what is the best thing about paragliding ?? The time when a vehicle (a van, in our case) takes you to a height (literally height) that you never imagined being at and you see people jumping from that height, you shiver inside but can’t tell anyone as the people around you are your friends who’ll certainly make fun of you (although they’ll make fun afterwards as even they’ll be feeling same at that point in time). But the most beautiful thing about paragliding is the feeling of being stable amid cold breeze with nothing but a few wires holding you. It’s just amazing when you look down and everything looks so small, so worthless and so different.
After paragliding, we had lunch and went to a monastery. The monastery was quiet as they are usually and the peace that was being planted inside us can’t be compared with anything else. The seats for people to pray, the incense stick with this captivating fragrance and the solitude, everything was just perfect to make you feel closer to nature.
It was around 4.30 pm so we didn’t have much time to roam around. We also stopped by a tea garden (Only for having some clicks, after all, even that is important ߘ ) We came back at the same time i.e. 8 pm and had campfire again with a few more stories, songs, dances and dinner. We left Palampur at 10 am the next day, but we really wanted to be there a few more days, even discussed shifting our office amidst mountain and valley. Well, we reached Noida around 11 pm but the beauty that place had still remained within us and we still want to go there whenever time and circumstances permit.
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