Exploring at Antargange

by Kavya

After a busy week wanted to have a break from routine. I started searching on Bangalore Mountaineering club website for the list of treks they were planning for the weekend. Trekking, cave exploration, rock climbing at Antargange attracted my eyes. None of my friends were interested in it; finally I decided to go solo. I quickly booked and started packing my bag. Next day had woke up at 4:00 am after getting ready, quickly ran down the street to catch an auto, it was a lazy Sunday morning (cold too) , finally could get one. After a reaching the pickup point, lot of questions came to my mind — would it be interesting, would it be boring, will I be able to make friends. I was in a state dilemma — both excited and nervous. Pick up arrived, (7:00 am) got into the bus I found a seat and sat down. Soon I could make lot of friends most of them were also solo travellers. Then we stopped for breakfast to my surprise every one of us choose idly vada (Nothing could be so light and strengthy for a trek). We reached the base camp- Antargange Kolar Karnataka at 10:00 am. After a quick introduction and warm up we started trekking. Location was beautiful with lush green trees. We had lot steps to climb and we reached a temple, took a break. Place was filled be naughty monkeys. (11:00 am)Now started the real trek. We had to climb lot of rocks, it took us around 1 hour to reach the caves we were tired as it was hot and sunny now. Took a break and started cave exploration, it was interesting and had lot of twists and turns. The coordinators were highly trained, knowledgeable, skilled, friendly, patient which made it easy for us to explore caves. I fell down lot of time since it was dark inside. But the team was amazing, they helped me and encouraged me.We need to be fit and flexible to get into and get out of caves.(12:00 pm) Finally reached the peak had some chit chatting and enjoyed the spectacular view from the peak. Later we started climbing down it took us around one hour. After an hour we stopped for lunch at around 2:30 pm. All of us were hungry. Most of us ordered North Indian talli. After a fulfilling lunch we started back to Bangalore. It was difficult to say bye the others. With a promise to be in touch we left to our respective homes. I did learn a lot from this trek. It was a great experience.

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