The City of stories

Not that i have never enjoyed Goa earlier but it has so much to serve for the travelers at their every visit. It’s like a piece of dessert,a giant one, which can be of your favourite appetites. Not even a year has passed now and my craving to visit this ancient town has popped-up all over again. This time it would be more precise because all that i have got missed, i shall explore it without any failure. Resolutions to discover the undiscovered should be the goal. One picturesque destination with every possible requirements you would perhaps need, is Goa. What you think you would miss? The very first step of yours till you go off-board, will leave an imprint over your memory which you will definitely cherish till the last breathe. Talk about the seamless Goan roads which will lead you to beautiful boundless beaches or talk about the crazy crowd you would encounter at every food junctions you stop. Stretched from “Mapusa to Panjim”, everything you experience, would be one of it’s kind. Those memories are so sharp that this year my visit would definitely be for minimum ten days in which i can at least enjoy few of the ancient serenity i missed on my last trip. I visited few beautiful churches, antiquated in their form, but what i missed is the Portugal story behind every painting carved there. With all pride, standing on the list of one of the ancient cities, Goa offers us so much to know about it’s roots and the cultures we can never feel amidst our social city lives. Not only to the old symbolic churches and towers Goa is confined to, but it brings you so many other attractions, one of the top most being the mouthwatering food. Sea-food typically cooked in Goan style would leave you speechless and this time again my day-break would be at some shacks with some soul-tempting deliciously cooked lobsters. All those wrecked walls along the roadside, made out of ancient red bricks would particularly remind you of the former Portugal existence. Apart from all those historical dramas, yearly Goa-Carnival brings festivity all around the city. Four days of celebrations in Christian style which concludes with one huge colorful parade is one of my most awaited events this 2016. Best time after December is February when enthusiasm is at its peak to celebrate the happiness and togetherness, i am all set to fulfill my cravings. Goa is a city of endless stories and hidden realities, some are mind soothing and some are spine-chilling but whatever it gives, will be indelible.

There no places than Goa to enjoy you summer. Explore Goa’s beautiful beaches and historical monuments by joining a travel club to know more information about planning your trip.


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