TRAVEL WITH BEAR GRYLLS IN A LONE ISLAND Bear Grylls, apparently the host of Man vs. Wild TV show on Discovery Channel, is an ex US army person, trained thoroughly to compete against any challenging conditions offered by the mother earth. Seeing him take on any situation in any life threatening circumstances is really mind blowing. I have been a benevolent and crazy fan of him since my childhood. From the age of 15 till now, around 6 years, I have been watching this daredevil and he is till date unmatched and at the top.

One of the extraordinary things about him I love is his daring and never giving up attitude. I remember him falling from a helicopter and breaking his back into 3 pieces, my heart got sunk that time. But after a mere 1 year my hero was back into action. Bear Grylls can survive in any tough situation be it the hot Sahara Desert or the freezing Alaska. He has survived even in the dense forests of Africa and has also encountered the Avalanche. His tactics can seem very weird and insane sometimes. He eats animals without even cooking them and sometimes he even drinks his own urine to keep up the hydration levels. He jumps from high mountains into the river and how fascinating it is that he never fails in any of his attempts.

I want to have an experience of traveling with Bear Grylls, enough of watching him on television. I wish to see him perform live. I wish to work with him, and survive difficult situations. Commemorating his thoughts and mind set would be so great.

My travel resolution for 2016 is to learn surviving alone in a lone island with Bear Grylls. I have seen him do that many a times on television, but it’s time now I get some hands on experience. I would learn how to defend, evolve and grow myself in challenging situations. I would also talk to him about his life and journey he has had till now. It would very fascinating to hear him live.

Being in the island alone with Bear Grylls, I get goosebumps imaging the whole scenario. He would teach me how to catch fishes and climb trees to get food. He would tell me about the kinds of animals to be aware of and how to tackle any worse case scenario. I would also learn how to make small houses from wood and ignite fire to keep myself warm.

Learning to keep myself hydrated as well as cook something eatable would also be something I would learn. Finally I would acquire complete knowledge of how to built a raft and escape from the lone island. I have seen the recent episodes, in which Bear Grylls is taking along some new people in his journey for survival. I really hope to get a chance to travel with him.

You too have a such a dream to travel with the one you adore and respect? Share your travel resolutions in echutti travel blogs.


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