In Reverie

by Ishan Hendre

Location- Avalabetta, near Bangalore, Karnataka.

Date taken- 4/10/15

After a disappointing experience upon reaching Skandagiri, where we weren’t allowed to go ahead with our trek by officials, we decided to go to drive up to Avalabetta. (A hilltop 90km from Bangalore) This was a beautiful midnight drive with friends, which is otherwise a lovely early morning drive as enjoyed by most people. The dark night, thunderstorm, overgrown foliage and the narrow road coiling to the top gave the drive an uncanny tinge. We reached the top at around 3 am, and began our return at 7 after sunrise. The darkness on our way up didn’t allow us a single glimpse of the landscape, amen also to the dreamy early morning fog that enveloped us. So we had no clue about what surrounded us, our return held the mesmerizing revelation of the landscape.

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