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Life Beyond The Sail

I never knew the call of open waves can be so enchanting, until I was offered a chance to get out on the water yesterday. An experience that we had never anticipated to happen, came towards us in a sail boat made by Mr. Joe Nejedly, the president of Sailing Club of Cochin and the former World Championship sailor who can be called the godfather of Sailing sport in Kerala. A jovial person with an immense passion for sailing and the love to share his sailing experiences.

It was during one of such loose talks that he asked us whether we would like to go on a sail. He might have read the answers from our faces because he called out to Mr. Joseph who was going out for a sail, to take us for a short voyage. The white double-hulled boats with multi-coloured sail, was designed by Mr. Joe himself, to ensure that it gives the secure feeling that you wouldn’t fall off the vessel that easily. This boat called GO-Cat (named after his grandsons) provides adequate safety to beginners learning the basics of sailing.

Wearing the life jacket, thrilled about the experience we stepped on the sail boat escaping the familiar feeling of solid ground beneath our feet. We sat at the back leaning on the square platform that connects the two hulls, so that the main sail can be maneuvered easily according to the direction of the wind without injuring our head.

“There’s something romantic of being in command of your own boat with the vast water body stretched out in front of you, and that’s where these experiences come in” Mr. Joseph started sharing his experiences in sailing and explaining the maneuvering process as the wind steered us away from the shore.

An ex-software engineer, Mr. Joseph had been sailing here for three years. And the experience he had was evident in the ease with which he managed to steer the sail to catch up with the unpredictable wind.

The feeling of being able to harness the power of the wind, something that is bestowed to us by nature, to sail, was indeed a great feeling. Mr. Joe encourages people to leave their mobile phones behind. So that there is no interference of hustle and bustle of city life while floating with the swaying backwaters. I felt as if I was becoming part of the serene backwaters, experiencing her moods and allowing her to influence me with her divine charm.

As we went deeper the waters were offering a breath-taking view. Joel preferred to get hands on the sail, while I just sat back and relaxed as the experienced skipper along with his new trainee took care of it all. We spent almost 45 minutes floating in the swaying waters, along with the tips and stories of sailing from Mr. Joseph. “We may not be able to control the wind, but we can always direct the sail. Remember that young sailors” said Mr. Joseph merrily as we were pulling the boat to the shore. But it was only after we left the place that I realized the depth of his words, the advice about life he had to give, simple yet profound “We can’t control the wind, but we can direct the sail!

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In Reverie

by Ishan Hendre

Location- Avalabetta, near Bangalore, Karnataka.

Date taken- 4/10/15

After a disappointing experience upon reaching Skandagiri, where we weren’t allowed to go ahead with our trek by officials, we decided to go to drive up to Avalabetta. (A hilltop 90km from Bangalore) This was a beautiful midnight drive with friends, which is otherwise a lovely early morning drive as enjoyed by most people. The dark night, thunderstorm, overgrown foliage and the narrow road coiling to the top gave the drive an uncanny tinge. We reached the top at around 3 am, and began our return at 7 after sunrise. The darkness on our way up didn’t allow us a single glimpse of the landscape, amen also to the dreamy early morning fog that enveloped us. So we had no clue about what surrounded us, our return held the mesmerizing revelation of the landscape.

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Mera Mumbai Meri Jaan

by Akshay

My travel resolution of 2016 is to live & explore the place where I born!


Mumbai is like a NewYork of Our india, it’s the city of Dreams & the city which never sleeps. It depicts the place that is always up and about, a city with a spirit of gold and a determination to never say die, even in the wake of terrorist attacks and natural calamities. Mumbai boasts of a population of about 100 million. There is an extensive network of flights from Mumbai’s Sahar (International) and Santa Cruz (Domestic) airports. International and domestic flights connect it to almost all major cities. Trains are available from all major stations of India. The Intra city trains are the fastest and the best way of commuting through the city. Bus services both inter and intra city are equally efficient.

We Mumbaikars represent the true spirit of India as this city is a crucible of people from different religions, caste and communities. Representative of the “never say die” spirit, these people are full of life and vigour Food is the highlight of this city. Chaupati beach offers one a wide variety of street food ranging from bhelpuri (puffed rice mixed with onions, chillies and sauces), panipuri (puffed puris filled with sprouts and potatoes), vada pav (a deep fried cutlet made of potatoes in a round shaped bread) and paw bhaji (vegetables eaten with round shaped bread). Desserts of this place include chikki, srikhand, puran poli and shira.

The home of the Indian Film Industry, one has to visit the Gateway Of India, the central attraction of the city, important because this is where the British left Independent India As per my observations if you’re living in India then there things which would be mutual among every indian that is FOOD,BOLLYWOOD & CRICKET. so in case if anyone doesn’t like Bollywood then he must be in love with food or cricket. Mumbai is famous in these three things food which kind of variety we don’t have it in our Mumbai ,main thing you must be having enough money to taste every variety.

Directly or indirectly money matters, your life will ditch if you are not rich! That’s the main reason why Mumbai doesn’t sleep people now to earn & they know how much money should be used where and for what. I had visited 27 historical places in Mumbai still few are remaining. There are many cities in India which are developing up few of them like surat & bangalore etc but still Mumbai is like a king of cities in India.

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The City of stories

Not that i have never enjoyed Goa earlier but it has so much to serve for the travelers at their every visit. It’s like a piece of dessert,a giant one, which can be of your favourite appetites. Not even a year has passed now and my craving to visit this ancient town has popped-up all over again. This time it would be more precise because all that i have got missed, i shall explore it without any failure. Resolutions to discover the undiscovered should be the goal. One picturesque destination with every possible requirements you would perhaps need, is Goa. What you think you would miss? The very first step of yours till you go off-board, will leave an imprint over your memory which you will definitely cherish till the last breathe. Talk about the seamless Goan roads which will lead you to beautiful boundless beaches or talk about the crazy crowd you would encounter at every food junctions you stop. Stretched from “Mapusa to Panjim”, everything you experience, would be one of it’s kind. Those memories are so sharp that this year my visit would definitely be for minimum ten days in which i can at least enjoy few of the ancient serenity i missed on my last trip. I visited few beautiful churches, antiquated in their form, but what i missed is the Portugal story behind every painting carved there. With all pride, standing on the list of one of the ancient cities, Goa offers us so much to know about it’s roots and the cultures we can never feel amidst our social city lives. Not only to the old symbolic churches and towers Goa is confined to, but it brings you so many other attractions, one of the top most being the mouthwatering food. Sea-food typically cooked in Goan style would leave you speechless and this time again my day-break would be at some shacks with some soul-tempting deliciously cooked lobsters. All those wrecked walls along the roadside, made out of ancient red bricks would particularly remind you of the former Portugal existence. Apart from all those historical dramas, yearly Goa-Carnival brings festivity all around the city. Four days of celebrations in Christian style which concludes with one huge colorful parade is one of my most awaited events this 2016. Best time after December is February when enthusiasm is at its peak to celebrate the happiness and togetherness, i am all set to fulfill my cravings. Goa is a city of endless stories and hidden realities, some are mind soothing and some are spine-chilling but whatever it gives, will be indelible.

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Darjeeling- The Queen of The Himalayas

On 26th December, 2016, I was supposed to fly to Bangalore to meet my sister. However, things changed quickly, and I somehow ended up in Darjeeling along with my entire family. We took the train on 25th night. Darjeeling is just an overnight journey from my home town, Kolkata. We reached there around 11 AM and checked in to Hotel Belleveu, which is right at the centre of the famous Mall Road. After having lunch, we headed to Lebong Tea Estate, which was a 1 hour drive from our hotel. The Manager who is a friend of my father, greeted us and showed us the entire production process of tea. After that we returned back to Darjeeling and had snacks at the famous restaurant ” Keventers”. Darjeeling is mainly famous for two restaurants-‘ Keventers’ for its sausages and ‘Glenarys’ for its pastries and desserts. We obviously didn’t miss out on either of them.

The next day we departed from our hotel at 4AM for ‘ Tiger Hill’, also known as ‘ Sunset Point’. Although we were shivering, but it totally worth it when we were able to see the peak of ‘ Kanchenjungha’. We returned back and then visited the ‘ Kali Temple’. It was a steep climb to the top of the temple, but it offers a spectacular view of the entire region. The rest of the day was spent in shopping and trying out the local delicacies like momos and the famous ‘ Darjeeling Tea’.

Finally, it was time to back to to our daily lives. It was difficult to bid goodbye to the mountains and return to the crowded streets of Kolkata. But then life goes on…..

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Internship In Ahmedabad At IIM

“Winter School 3.0” sounds boring, right??
What if I tell you Winter School 3.0 at one the best management institute in India,
Well it doesn’t end here!! Learning new things on education and policies from the best professors of India, who are the official policy makers for the government of India. Am I grabbing your attention, “Very Well” There is lot more to this experience than only learning new things on policies. I got selected for Winter School 3.0 along with three other lovely people from my university. I was always involved into social welfare and wanted to bring out a change in the way people think, which would act as an impetus in the development of education system in India. I took an evening flight from Madurai. I had a changeover of flight in Chennai. Alas!! My flight got delayed by 2hrs. I reached Ahmedabad Airport at 10:30 pm and waited for two other participants at the airport, with whom I had to go to the IIM hostel. After one hour of conversations with them, I realized I had made friends who were like me and will certainly be there for lifetime. Excitement was at its peak when we were nearing IIM-A in Uber Cab and “there it comes”, yelled Yashwant, an IT student from IIIT, Hyderabad. A huge IIM Gate opened and we entered into a hub of professionals who had a different and an innovative thinking for everything. The way they interacted, the way they handled themselves in different situations certainly spoke and verified the fact that IIM-A certainly produces one of the best professionals in the industry. I was allotted a room in advance and the best part was, all three of us were roommates. We couldn’t be allotted IIM Hostels as they were under renovation. We were therefore, sent to the empty faculty houses. After reaching there, we found that we had 6 other roommates. We stood transfixed at the entrance wondering how will we manage to stay in a small flat along with 7 others. It was just two hours after which we were there, taking a forward stride together as we set off on IIM-A sightseeing journey at 2 am. It was indeed challenge walking in IIM campus where every time pigeon shit falls just like raindrops. We had the best tea of IIM from Ramesh Da, who happens to be the famous chai waala of IIM-A. As the sun rose and birds started to chirp, our red eyes forced us to sleep for one hour, well that was the time we had before our event began. It was the most difficult effort for all of us to wake up that day. Our event began sharp at 9 am. Initially we had thought that it is going to be nothing short of the bombardment of lectures but indeed it was a blessing. The professors who came to talk to us were so experienced and the way they interacted with us was so motivational that we didn’t even move an inch as we sat there, learning about the changes with need to be brought up in social policies which would benefit the poor and improve the literacy rate. Classes continued to 7 in the evening with different professors giving us an insight on the social changes and Education system of India. These classes along with many activities were conducted during this event for the next 5 days. After classes, each day, we used to go on the city exploring mission. This was certainly one of the best experience for me. There was a lot more to learn, other than the social arena. There were participants from different parts of India. Participants happened to be students, teachers, NGO heads with age group ranging from 20 to 60. Imagine the diversity in thinking! There were interactive sessions happening, where we clearly saw the innovative thoughts and ideas flowing by. I made many friends over there and learn many things about their cultures and professions. We were told to do a slum survey one day where we had to go to a slum where there were people, who were forcefully shifted from the river front 15 years ago, where their primary way of earning money was fishing. After being shifted they were also forced to work in a waste management industry where waste was burnt. This industry happened to be at a walking distance from the slum. The foul smell, adding to the fact that the water which was being supplied to the household was of terrible quality and also the sanitation system was poor, we were the only ones complaining about all these things. It seemed as if the voices had given up. After having a conversation with them, I realized that all they wanted was the support of the people and nothing else. They did not except monetary support or anything of its kind. They wanted us to support them and speak on their behalf for their lost rights. I met a 100-year-old lady, who danced with joy when I started to click her photo. I imagined, we, modern generation, expect more out of everything and there lies an old lady, who stays alone, being happy and contented with what she has. I literally froze when one lady, despite knowing that I had come for slum survey and couldn’t do much for them, came and told me, “Beta, tum ache se padai karna. Mera beta ko mein pada nhi pai. Padai aaj kal sabse jaada mehetvapurna he aur aap humare bete jaise ho aur mera aashirwad humesha aapke saath rahega”. The lady meant that she couldn’t teach her son due to financial and personal reasons but education is the most important thing and I am like her son and her blessing are always with me. That whole day, after returning from the slum, the lady’s words reverberated in my ears as I stood there helpless despite knowing their sufferings.
“BE HAPPY AND CONTENTED WITH WHAT YOU HAVE AND ALWAYS WISH GOOD FOR OTHERS” is what I learnt from a lady who knew much more than me and became my motivator. From making friends, to the wonderful lectures by the IIM Professors and a wonderful organizing committee consisting of IIM Students, From Travelling Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar to having street food at Manek Chowk and the best delicacies at the mess of this eye-catching institute, From learning more about education systems and policies to get the basic life lessons from individuals , Every minute thing I did in IIM-A can be elaborated as I can proudly say I got an opportunity which was totally worth it and was the best experience I ever had where I learnt to become a responsible individual before anything else.Share such stories on eChutti travel blogs.
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Exploring at Antargange

by Kavya

After a busy week wanted to have a break from routine. I started searching on Bangalore Mountaineering club website for the list of treks they were planning for the weekend. Trekking, cave exploration, rock climbing at Antargange attracted my eyes. None of my friends were interested in it; finally I decided to go solo. I quickly booked and started packing my bag. Next day had woke up at 4:00 am after getting ready, quickly ran down the street to catch an auto, it was a lazy Sunday morning (cold too) , finally could get one. After a reaching the pickup point, lot of questions came to my mind — would it be interesting, would it be boring, will I be able to make friends. I was in a state dilemma — both excited and nervous. Pick up arrived, (7:00 am) got into the bus I found a seat and sat down. Soon I could make lot of friends most of them were also solo travellers. Then we stopped for breakfast to my surprise every one of us choose idly vada (Nothing could be so light and strengthy for a trek). We reached the base camp- Antargange Kolar Karnataka at 10:00 am. After a quick introduction and warm up we started trekking. Location was beautiful with lush green trees. We had lot steps to climb and we reached a temple, took a break. Place was filled be naughty monkeys. (11:00 am)Now started the real trek. We had to climb lot of rocks, it took us around 1 hour to reach the caves we were tired as it was hot and sunny now. Took a break and started cave exploration, it was interesting and had lot of twists and turns. The coordinators were highly trained, knowledgeable, skilled, friendly, patient which made it easy for us to explore caves. I fell down lot of time since it was dark inside. But the team was amazing, they helped me and encouraged me.We need to be fit and flexible to get into and get out of caves.(12:00 pm) Finally reached the peak had some chit chatting and enjoyed the spectacular view from the peak. Later we started climbing down it took us around one hour. After an hour we stopped for lunch at around 2:30 pm. All of us were hungry. Most of us ordered North Indian talli. After a fulfilling lunch we started back to Bangalore. It was difficult to say bye the others. With a promise to be in touch we left to our respective homes. I did learn a lot from this trek. It was a great experience.

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