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The Madman of Palakkad

It is a famous tourist destination and pilgrim place. There is a temple on the top of this hill. It is a serene and beauteous piece of nature in located at Naduvattam Palakkad district in Kerala.

The hill has 500 feet’s of height and has the area around 300 acres. ‘RayiraNellur mala’ was dwelling place of NARANATH the madis 8 km far from Valanchery town.

It is believed that Naranath was rolling up the stone to the top of this hill and when he reaches top, he used to push the stone down to the valley. On reaching the top he used to roll them down and had burst out to laughter. It is said that he had done it by realising statue of Naranath, the mad at the south-west corner on the hill peak. It is the result of architect called Surendra Krishnan.

Along with the 18 feet height statue there is a symbol of the huge stone, which he rolled up to the hill. He was one of the members of ‘Parayi Petta Panthirukulam (Pantheerukulam) – The 12 issues of Parayi’ Family. I got to know about this place from my family relatives of Palakkad. My brother took me to the place, I truly enjoyed alot . So if you’re visiting Palakkad in kerala then make a time to visit this historic place.

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